only a few hours left until release day and my frequented game store announces that they have The Sims 4…


and the Collector’s Edition!!


*cancels Amazon pre-order and sends message to store’s FB to reserve the CE version of the game*

*starts squealing screaming so loud the entire family can hear her*

I’ll be expecting the following by December (and/or within the first-half of 2015):

  • TS4 Collector’s Edition Prima guide
  • the complete TS4 SteelSeries peripherals
  • the hardcover version of berrysweetshoppe's Splash of Color with Cherry Blossom (yay! :D)
  • the Blu-Ray version of Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop


I tried my best to create the typical romantic novel-based snobby handsome playboy rich kid who loves food.

Out of randomness I gave Errol a fraternal twin sister.

This is Sylvia.

My first married couple. Meet Andrew and Nicola.

Another cutie I worked on.

Another Sim that I worked on tonight.

Cuties. You’ll be seeing them soon. :D


Brooke and Brandon (Young Adults)

Hello. I’d like to request 4 Sims (maybe 2 male and female Sims if you’re okay with it) that are custom slider-free; only use base game and EP and SP-based items, third-party CC and default replacements and no Store items. I’d like to see Sims that don’t use Store items and custom sliders for a change since not everyone have some or all of the Store items and/or use custom sliders. Thanks in advance :)


 Default Eyes | Default Skin  Default Eyebrows

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Creator: pixelpixies


Pixel, these are so perfect! Thank you!!

Well that was… different.

I love your cutie pie face, Chiffon. <3