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Hello. I’d like to request 4 Sims (maybe 2 male and female Sims if you’re okay with it) that are custom slider-free; only use base game and EP and SP-based items, third-party CC and default replacements and no Store items. I’d like to see Sims that don’t use Store items and custom sliders for a change since not everyone have some or all of the Store items and/or use custom sliders. Thanks in advance :)


 Default Eyes | Default Skin  Default Eyebrows

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Pixel, these are so perfect! Thank you!!

Well that was… different.

I love your cutie pie face, Chiffon. <3

Second GIFset from the new gameplay trailer.

First of the two GIFsets from the new gameplay trailer.

Huge shoutout and thank you to


karnzterplaysthesims for drafting all the Muffin updates for Gen 5 and 6. We are all caught and ready for more. You rock my friend! Now I just got to get them on the table of contents lol :D

Massive thanks to you, too. :)

And also get gen five and six properly categorized. :D

OMG the new TS4 Game of Thrones-inspired render!

Hey guys. I’m gonna need your help with an upcoming legacy challenge that I’ll be doing around either the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year. It is to test run my upcoming custom PC on high settings and try out a fusion challenge in the process.

I need Sims to populate either a base game or expansion-based, Store or custom World. As of now, it’ll be set in either New Sunset Valley, Alocasia or Macaroon Island if ever I decide to set it on a custom World.

Here are a couple of details. Please do read them before submitting:

  • Your Sim doesn’t need to be custom slider-based since I barely use custom sliders in my game. Basic in-game sliders are okay.
  • Refer here for my CC and Store list and EP and SP list. Most of the items from the Store are the free ones, a few Sets and some individual items that I got from Daily Deals off of my Wishlist and the occasional giveaways. I don’t have every Store content in my possession, just a heads up.
  • I currently use default skin, eyes and eyebrows. If your Sim has CC hair, make sure to use the EA highlights version since adjust shine is too shiny for me IMO.
  • Submit your Simmy here. Include one photo of your Sim and you can write a bio for him or her if you like. If he or she has CC, please include the CC name (and what number it is, e.g.: eyeliner/lipsitck, etc. number 8) and their respective links.
  • I only accept .Sim files of your Sims so please do include the download link when you submit him or her.
  • If ever your Sim is involved in the story or in the background picture, I will make sure to tag their name and their creator for full credit. Same goes with the children born to the other included townies (I will tag their parents’ creators).

I hope to see your Simmies soon in my upcoming challenge!

More TS4 clips from SimsVIP’s edit of clips from the original Polygon article.

Also, dat drinks and food :D

Dat dance parteh.

There&#8217;s not much to do at work so I decided to try this out. treason-and-plot initially made one and tagged anyone.

My handwriting sucks. Forgive me xD

There’s not much to do at work so I decided to try this out. treason-and-plot initially made one and tagged anyone.

My handwriting sucks. Forgive me xD