which is exactly why WCIF is so tedious… lol
I nearly gave up searching for it ‘cause it took me ages days to scout her Soup blog for it. Her Tumblr hasn’t reposted it yet. Hello, future Simmies’ hair! ;D

After three days of secret midnight Interweb searches scouring sjoko and plumb-bombs’ sites for Sweetheart’s teen hair I finally found it!!

It’s past-4am and my eyes and back hurts I’m going to bed

Hey, guys. This idea just popped in my mind this week and I am thinking of doing a fusion legacy challenge composing of the Random Legacy, Alphabet and Perfect Genetics challenges once I get my new system up and running within the next couple of months.

I’ll be excluding some of the options in RLC (e.g.: disabling single, step children, mixed single parent and couple, second chance, couple + friend, single parent with double help, full house and number of children) and one rule in Alphabet (you can’t marry neither cohabitate with the parent) to keep things within the RLC and PGC rules.

Watch this space, buddies! <3

Some goofy shots that didn’t get into the first photoset.

My intensifying feels for these two.


I had this sudden drive to do a Sim photoshoot with two of Curtis’ dream cars after watching the latest ep of NOW (n.b.: last Friday’s ep as of today) where he mentioned one of them. Plus, he’s a Back to the Future fan which really doubled the fun and the awesomeness (I know this isn’t the BTTF version but he did say that he’d love to have the original one on a Tumblr post).

So here they are. I dubbed this as Project Paradis’ Dream Cars. Two cars. One Simself. 6 photos.

Also a tad protip/credit:

Hope you guys enjoy it!

So I made this a couple of days ago as an inspiration burst/drive and so far, I like the final result.

Sorry if I have been massively absent on this Simblr, guys.

Things were chugging along on my personal blog (mainly making GIFs), my job has been keeping me busy and my personal life needs focusing. I rarely go Simming these days since then and I had my laptop’s hard drive changed after it broke almost 11 months since I first got it. That meant reinstalling and full patching every TS2 and TS3 disc I had (and other games too) but I barely get to play.

Things changed at work which needed my full attention. When I get home from work its either I make GIFs to post (and there are times, save it to my Drafts and/or not post), watch telly or a movie or random videos on YouTube, listen to music or work on workstuff that I bring home with me. There were times that I try go Simming again but I always end up falling asleep on my chair on certain occasions I end up quitting the game just to sleep.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still am interested to keep the Simming spark and this blog alive. It just needs a lot of time to rekindle the currently-thinning line of interest inside of me. I miss updating my stories like the Senna Legacy (which I have never played since June 2013), the random yet great adventures of Sharrie’s Lacelot (2 or 3 saves to be exact) and a family that I have been creating a storyline for my submission to towniesadoption. I got busy scouting the Interwebz for CC; clothes, cars, hairstyles and poses to be exact.

Just give me some time to get back on track. I need to think of good stories for my legacy and come up with new ideas for things.

For those who stayed/still followed me despite my long absence, thank you for still being here despite everything.

Hopefully I’ll be back sooner or later. Fingers crossed and hugs and virtual cheek kisses to every single one of you.

Sorry to have been absent for so long. Stuff happened.

To make up for it, here are some snaps of Sunset Valley in dawn, sunset and night while testing these lovely mods.